Community Could Being a Swiftie Make us Better Runners?

    Could Being a Swiftie Make us Better Runners?


    It started with the desire to perform better on stage than anyone could have expected, and let’s be clear: Swifties set a high bar for their hero. 

    Taylor Swift doesn’t see herself as an athlete. For example, she tried volleyball at the urging of many in her orbit because she was tall. She tried and didn’t succeed because she just wasn’t coordinated enough. Taylor was a misfit in her younger years. She wasn’t the most popular because her interests and the way she dressed were different. 

    Swift was recently named ‘Time Person of the Year,’ and I realized that the past doesn’t have to equal our future. After reading the article I saw that Taylor Swift should be considered an athlete. What intrigued me was the question: could Taylor Swift’s physical training for her Era’s Tour make us better runners?” 

    1. The Six-Month Build-Up

    As any seasoned runner will tell you, building for race day takes time. Taylor Swift, our unexpected fitness muse, didn’t rush her preparations either. Before the Eras tour kicked off, she invested a solid six months in rigorous training. So, lace ‘em up and remember that consistency pays off.

    1. Fartlek-Inspired Training Sessions

    Fartlek training, a playful word meaning “speed play” in Swedish, is a staple for runners looking to boost their pace. Taylor Swift, it seems, unknowingly embraced this concept during her intense rehearsal sessions. For three hours a day, she tackled fast-paced songs while running, getting her heart rate up, followed by slower tunes, walking and singing simultaneously—building both speed and stamina. Who knew serenading your neighbourhood while sprinting could be a runner’s secret weapon?

    1. Swift’s “Dream Scenario” Recovery Days

    Taylor Swift, the queen of dreaming big, knows the importance of recovery. Every week, she indulges in an off day, reclining on her bed or couch, embracing what she calls a “dream scenario.” While we might not all have the luxury of an off day each week, the lesson here is clear—recovery is non-negotiable.

    1. Swift’s Wisdom on Permanence

    “Nothing is permanent,” says Taylor Swift. This sage advice extends beyond the world of music into the realm of running. As runners, we face highs and lows, triumphs and setbacks. Swift’s response to life’s twists and turns? “Keep making things.” Apply this to your running journey—whether it’s setting new personal records, exploring different routes, or discovering the joy of trail running: embrace change and keep those feet moving.

    In the world where pop meets pavement, could being a Swiftie make us better runners? Remember, whether you’re belting out lyrics or setting a new personal best, the key is to keep making strides.