Community Why We Love Winter Running: Who Wins the Gloves???

    Why We Love Winter Running: Who Wins the Gloves???


    What a pleasure it was reading the hundred comments about why you love winter running. It was so beautiful and positive that we’re going to publish the lion’s share in our new digital issue, out Valentine’s Day.

    Even though we received so many great comments—and you can read them all right here, which we advise you two—like any race, there can only be one winner (well, in this case two, but you get the point).

    The winners, and the winning comments, for the Icebreaker mitts and the MEC jacket, are below (and please know, this was such a successful experiment, that we plan to follow it up, again and again).

    Sebastien St-Amour: “Escape from the hustle.” 

    “Winter running captivates me with its crisp air, a symphony of crunching snow beneath my feet, and the exhilarating chill that invigorates every step. The world transforms into a serene, snow-covered landscape, creating a picturesque backdrop for my runs. Bundling up in layers adds a cozy element, and the contrast of the cold against the warmth of my body in motion creates a unique sensory experience. The solitude of winter trails offers a peaceful escape from the hustle, allowing me to connect with nature. Embracing the challenge of colder temperatures builds mental resilience, making each winter run a triumph of determination and appreciation.”

    Elizabeth: “The feeling of playfulness.” 

    “Winter running is exhilarating! The satisfying sound of crispy snow underneath my feet. Warming up to a rhythm, it somehow feels effortful and effortless all at once. Running through a wonder of whirling flakes, I love it for the feeling of playfulness!”

    PS: that beautiful photograph at the very top is of Tina Garstad, who wrote: “I love the fresh air and the crunch underfoot. And really how beautiful the pathways and parks are. It can be a challenge with less sunlight, but the beauty in nature is a real payoff!” (The middle photograph is courtesy of Elizabeth).

    Happy winter running, folks. We’re almost in February. We’re getting there.