Motivation Icebreaker GT Socks

Icebreaker GT Socks

Icebreaker GT Socks. Photo Credit Kirsten Boucher

Reviewed By: Jeff Boucher

iRun because I like to keep in shape for the ski and snowboard season

Product: Icebreaker GT Socks

 Product category: running socks

Canadian MSRP: approx: $22.00


Product Website: Icebreaker Socks


 Description: Icebreaker GT socks – 60% Merino wool, 36% nylon, 4% elastan. Made in New Zealand.

 Pros: These are the most comfortable socks I have ever worn! They have great arch support which helped to stabilize my foot during trail runs. Since the socks are made of wool they don’t stink like other socks do after long runs. I would recommend these socks for all runners – they will help to make your run more enjoyable!

Cons: These socks have no cons – they are the best socks ever!

Ideal for: All runners would benefit from these amazing socks!

Overall: I wore these socks on an 8km and 14km trail run. My feet were comfortable the whole way. Also, the socks didn’t stink like other socks do.

About the reviewer: My name is Jeff. I have completed 6 marathons. My best time is 3:12. Also, I enjoy doing trail runs and running with the Hogtown Hash House Harriers. I run about 50km per week. Running is a great way for me to keep in shape for the ski and snowboard season!