Mind and Body Join the Community Where Everybody Runs

Join the Community Where Everybody Runs

When it comes to running and training, it happens anytime of the day for me. Day or night, it takes place. With saying this, even when I was over 350lbs, I ran outside in the light. Over the years and more recently I’ve heard plus size runners say how they never ran during the day. How they only trained at night away from eyes.
What you need to know about this wonderful running family it’s a community, where we don’t play “sandbox” games. We are genuine, honest, kind, caring folks. We WANT you to succeed. We will be your cheerleader.
I’ve never cared about running during the day, if people look, so be it. Are they looking as they drive by? Sitting on their butts from the comforts of their house? I am running. I was making my plus size body healthier and I still am making myself a better version of the current version. I run for me. Not for what others think. I don’t allow random strangers thoughts to enter my mind. I’m stronger than any thoughts they might have. I don’t feel that people are judging me or looking at me any different when I run. I’m doing something that is making me a better person. I’m not the fastest runner, nor will I ever be an elite. I’d rather be slow and still moving forward.
The running community is a strong base, I had the experience of random strangers yelling out encouragement as they want me to succeed. They are not judging. These are honest people being humble and kind. I return the same thing during runs. If I’m passing someone who has the look of wanting to give up. I’ll slow to get them back focused. Run with your heart when your mind is done. It’s simple but I’ve returned what I’ve been given to others. Encouragement is free to give.
I want someone to see that they are beautiful and know they are strong enough to toss their fears aside and run in the day light.
If you have a few extra pounds, that doesn’t define you. You are putting yourself under a label. The wrong label. You need to say “yes I’m a runner”. So as a runner you can run anytime of the day. You can run beside anyone at the gym. You’re training. Training for life. Don’t let useless people take up residence in your mind. Let the fear go. No matter of anything we all can run in the day light. Be proud of yourself.”
I don’t care if you only take one line or word from this. People have to realize running does not discriminate and the running community is amazing. We all started somewhere.


  1. You go girl !!
    A runner is a runner, no matter their size or shape, how far or how fast they run…. You are a runner.

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